Latest News

Welcome to new lab members!

We are pleased to welcome new postdocs Jingyi Chi (from Rockefeller), Nipun Basrar (from Rockefeller) and Zhikai Liu (from Wash U) to the lab, and a belated welcome to Abdul Alabi (from Stanford/MGH) too! We are also excited that Silvia Huerta-Lopez has joined the lab as an MD/PhD student. Finally, we are lucky to have Lindsay Vincelette and (also rather belatedly) Ella Douglas as research technicians!

Congratulations to Sara Prescott!

Congratulations to Sara Prescott for winning the prestigious 2021 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars Award. I also want to give a shoutout to co-winner Dheeraj Roy, who was in the lab as a technician many moons ago! Great to see them both doing well!

Congratulations to Sara and Ben for their recent Cell paper. Stay safe everyone.