Steve Liberles

Stephen Liberles

Principal Investigator
Professor of Cell Biology
stephen_liberles [at] (stephen_liberles[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Abdul Alabi photo

Abdul Alabi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
abdulrasheed.alabi [at] (abdulrasheed[dot]alabi[at]mgh[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Nipun Basrur photo

Nipun Basrur

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
nipun_basrur [at] (nipun_basrur[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Na Ryum Bin

Na Ryum Bin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
naryum_bin [at] (naryum_bin[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Philip Brinn photo

Philip Brinn

Research Assistant
philipbrinn [at] (philipbrinn[at]college[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Jingyi Chi photo

Jingyi Chi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
jingyi_chi [at] (jingyi_chi[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Adi Doron photo

Adi Doron

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
adi_doron [at] (adi_doron[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Rachel Greenberg photo

Rachel Greenberg

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
rachel_greenberg [at] (rachel_greenberg[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Isabela Haskell photo

Isabela Haskell

Research Assistant
isabela_haskell [at] (isabela_haskell[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Marito Hayashi, PhD

Marito Hayashi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
marito_hayashi [at] (marito_hayashi[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Nao Horio

Nao Horio

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Nao_Horio [at] (Nao_Horio[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Silvia Huerta Lopez photo

Silvia Huerta Lopez

Graduate Student
silvia_huertalopez [at] (silvia_huertalopez[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Narendra Joshi

Narendra Joshi

Graduate Student
njoshi [at] (njoshi[at]g[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Masa Josipovic photo

Masa Josipovic

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
masa_josipovic [at] (masa_josipovic[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)

Judith Kaye

Graduate Student
jkaye [at] (jkaye[at]g[dot]harvard[dot]edu)

GaYoung Lee

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
GaYoung_Lee [at] (GaYoung_Lee[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Zhikai Liu photo

Zhikai Liu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
zhikai_liu [at] (zhikai_liu[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Shan Lu photo

Shan Lu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Shan_Lu [at] (Shan_Lu[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Katie McShea photo

Katie McShea

Research Assistant
Katie_McShea [at] (Katie_McShea[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
carol_quink photo

Carol Quink

Laboratory Manager
carol_quink [at] (carol_quink[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Rocio photo

Rocío Saavedra-Peña

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
rocio_saavedrapena [at] (rocio_saavedrapena[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Michael Schappe photo

Michael Schappe

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Michael_Schappe [at] (Michael_Schappe[at]hms[dot]harvard[dot]edu)
Salina Yuan photo

Salina Yuan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
sgyuan [at] (sgyuan[at]partners[dot]org)


Postdocs and Grad Students

Lab Position Current
Maude Baldwin Graduate Student
OEB (visiting)
group leader, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany
Rachael Brust Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Rui Chang Postdoctoral Research Fellow Assistant Professor, Yale University
David Ferrero Graduate Student
Boston Consulting
Qian Li Postdoctoral Research Fellow Principal Investigator, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
Zecai Liang Graduate Student
Data Scientist at QuantumBlack, Boston
Soohong Min Postdoctoral Research Fellow Novartis
Jinfei Ni Postdoctoral Research Fellow Principal Investigator, Fudan University-Shanghai, Institute of Translational Brain Science
Sara Prescott Postdoctoral Research Fellow Assistant Professor of Biology, MIT
Chen Ran Postdoctoral Research Fellow Assistant Professor, Scripps Research
David Strochlic Graduate Student
Ken Tao Graduate Student
Ben Umans Graduate Student
Postdoctoral Fellow--Yoav Gilad lab/University of Chicago
Erika Williams Graduate Student
Completing MD/PhD
Chuchu Zhang Postdoctoral Research Fellow Assistant Professor, Dept of Physiology

Technicians, Undergrads, and Other

Lab Position Current
Brennan Beeler Research Assistant Graduate student at Northeastern University
Sofia Bennetts Undergraduate Student
SHURP 2023
Monica Cisneros Undergraduate Student
Ke Ding Undergraduate Student PhD student, Cal Tech
Ella Douglas Research Assistant Graduate student at UNC Department of Nutrition
Catherine Gallori Research Assistant
Adan Horta Undergraduate Student
MD/PhD student, Columbia University
Riley Kessler Undergraduate Student Medical School, University of Chicago
Jamie Lemon Research Assistant Graduate student, U Penn
Zhikai Liu Undergraduate Student PhD student, Washington University
Dan Mark Undergraduate Student Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Sandra Mumanachit Undergraduate Student
Rachel Paredes Undergraduate Student
Victor Perez Undergraduate Student
Medical School, University of Puerto Rico
Miguel Roque Undergraduate Student
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Dheeraj Roy Research Assistant Graduate student with Susumu Tonegawa, MIT
Yaw Tachie-Baffour Research Assistant Tufts Medical School
Hanna Villa-Reusenmann Research Assistant
Lindsay Vincelette Research Assistant PhD student at Northeastern University
Yandan Wang Research Assistant PhD student at Stanford University